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Ah, Color in the Morning

. . . better than coffee!

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No Coloring in the Lines

Someone has not been coloring in the lines, but the glory blends from horizon to stratosphere, lifting my soul with it. Peaking through trees, sneaking round houses, the evening bursts majestic.

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Springing into Summer

Spring is color and cloud, wind and wildflowers, rushing down headlong into summer. Catch a breath! Summer is heat and hats, beach and books, topped with tomato and avocado sandwiches. Catch a sigh!

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Color in the desert . . .

Liquid, molten amber– chlorophyll recedes and crisp desert nights turn sweet red the summer’s green. Leaves on spidery spindles dangle. Wind rustles this factory shaker, this oxygen maker, and in a glance, it’s gone.

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