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There is a Different Way of Seeing

  There is a different way of seeing. A handicap spot, and you seem so able as I cluck my judging mental tongue. But I don’t see the pain and fatigue that chains your ankles to the ground, making even … Continue reading

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Far and Near

Why does the bloated Biafra baby bring a tear, and the hungry eye-cries of Haitian earthquake victims urge us to tear our wallets from tightly held fists, when the man, the man with the sign in the planter area by the … Continue reading

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Everybody Has a Story

An observation, an opinion, an idea, a story—everybody has one. . . . But not every voice is heard. Not every voice can b  -r  -e-  a-  k—– through the drone of drilling words— to cut the wake, the constant … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Blindness

Not seeing the person of indescribable worth underneath the plethora of tattoos and piercings Seeing the woman with the “Hungry” sign in the middle of the median as another uncomfortable part of an already stressful day Ignoring the person with … Continue reading

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