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Remembering a Friend

When there is the shock of loss–a sudden departure–and you feel like you need to do something to fix things and to take the sting away; and yet, there is nothing to be done in this shattered moment, but you … Continue reading

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Death is Hard

Death is hard. Though so much a part of life, we never quite get used to it. Our youthful, anticipating days, dreams of El Dorado, meld into the rhythm of responsible days lived in responsible ways, and that end seems … Continue reading

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I Believe in Fairytales

Once vital, once there—blood, red and pulsing, but as I finger your graying flesh, warmth is gone.  How can cold creep so quickly through these veins and arteries—and where did you go in that whispered breath, to leave this shell … Continue reading

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Withered, wafer thin, and worn—palliative, it would seem. And all your glories seem forgotten in the pressing now, and you lean a little more, and you breathe a little harder, and you respond less as the mind fails and the … Continue reading

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