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The Gatekeeper

It used to be that we would send cards to remember someone on their birthday or anniversary. And though there are many advantages to the Internet and the connections we find in social media, it has also changed how we … Continue reading

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If Life Were Like Facebook–#2

If life were like Facebook, as soon as you cut yourself or your pet turned up bloody and gooey, you would rush up to a friend–even a very casual friend–and shove the gaping wound front and center into their field … Continue reading

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If Life Were Like Facebook

If real life were like Facebook, one moment you would pass me by without even acknowledging my presence, regarding my life as uninteresting with nothing to offer.  The next day, of course, we would enter into meaningful conversation and act … Continue reading

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The Little FB That Could

(Random bird photo that has no connection with the story!) There once was a train.  A little blue train.  It was small compared to the other big snooty engines in the yard, but he worked hard, he worked steady, and … Continue reading

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Beware the Fake Facebookers!

Beware fake Facebooker people.  They have a presence, they may even have a profile pic, but they never post a status or respond to private messages. They will never wish you a heartfelt happy birthday in 8 figures or less or … Continue reading

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  I was thinking that if God put up His own Facebook page, He might get more devoted attention than He is getting now.  I can just imagine the number of “friends” that would flock to His site.  It might … Continue reading

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The Ominous Facebook Purge!

Okay, I’m cleaning out my friends on Facebook, so let me know if you want to stick around. If you are an uppercase F “Friend,” do nothing.  You are in.  I may not have a clue who you are, but you … Continue reading

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