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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Pain and Hope

  I woke suddenly in the wee hours, the dark hours. Was it the weird dream I was having? Maybe. But aside from that, I immediately was aware that I had passed the anniversary of my first child’s death and … Continue reading

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About Grief

From my daily readings by C. S. Lewis…………………………………. Lewis, grieving the death of his wife, Joy: No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear. I am not afraid, but the sensation is like being afraid. The same … Continue reading

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In the Middle

A café and a coffee, a grace moment to think, to mull, to pray and toe-tap to piped in jazz, to stare at an old black and white classic on the muted set, and it’s a sandwich, sandwiched in between the club and conversation … Continue reading

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Splinters of God-light

Walking on these shores of darkness, fear lapping at my feet– feet raw and bloody from the sharp rocks of circumstance, the slicing of life– each sucking footprint fills black with liquid foam; but with a will, I bend toward … Continue reading

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A Henri Nouwen Quotation

The basic meaning of care is to grieve, to experience sorrow, to cry out with [ .. . . ]  We tend to look at caring as an attitude of the strong toward the weak, of the powerful toward the … Continue reading

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A Manger Without a Baby

 I equipped the big walk-in closet in the living room of our tiny duplex with a green second-hand crib and stocked the built-in drawers with soft little layette items.  Long, wispy, white curtains tied back with yellow ribbon made an … Continue reading

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Some Tweaking Required

            Growing up in a large family—a family full of Irish Canadian storytellers—the biggest impediment to effective communication was getting the floor.  With so much competition, air-time was precious; but we all seemed to have our fair share, and real … Continue reading

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