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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The sign says to not feed the birds because it is harmful, yet that is exactly what the visitors to the pond do!  Maybe it is a literacy issue and not a stupidity issue.

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A Close Look at Shakespeare (Or it might be Speareshake!)

I didn’t know the Great Blue Heron speared its meal.  I thought it used its beak as tweezers–like other civilized birds! Blurrrr alert! Parents:  Guard your children.  Violence ahead! Dessert is next!

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Ah, Humans . . .

Ah, humans . . . the other white meat! Photographs by Lilly Caption by hubby Menacing look by Night Heron (even in the day!)

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R-rated for Violence!

He is an awesome bird, this Black-crowned Night Heron, but I wonder if I could convince him to be a vegetarian?  Soy nuts?  Avocado? When my husband first caught site of him landing in the tree above us, I quickly … Continue reading

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Beauty on the Wing

I thought you were a lawn ornament– brother to pink flamingos, so still, so silent. I dared not blink in case I missed your blink, Was that a thought I saw, a step in the water. Ah, we have lift … Continue reading

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Santa Barbeque

Well, we didn’t actually have BQ for Memorial Day, but we did go to Santa Barbara, along with half the population of So. Cal!  The traffic was horrible.  Note to self:  Go sight seeing on off-holidays. The title–I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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