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When I Was Young . . .

When I was young, I dreamed big dreams of earth and sky, of progress and promise. Context was safety, and I was so safe as to not know what real danger even looked like. Though it would not have been … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Interior–The Eagle Version

I have been watching the live feed from Florida of bald eagles and their eggs. One has hatched and is fed raw fish from a very conscientious mama (or perhaps daddy—hard to tell). The other egg’s hatching looks imminent. Mama … Continue reading

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Moonscape, Zeroscape, and Xeriscape

After the creative demise (I mean xeriscape treatment) of our backyard, we decided to do the front yard this summer.  It seems the responsible thing to do in the desert because the amount of fertilizer, water, and labor to keep … Continue reading

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Ghosts in the Laundry

A storm came in the night—bright jagged lightning with thunder rumbling and crashing in response.  I hugged the covers closer.  Moist air gusted through my open window. It appeared in a single electric moment—a headless apparition floating by my bedroom … Continue reading

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Just in case you didn’t believe my chicken story . . .

Here is proof positive.  See the love. This is before they grow up to be idiots and before my vandalism escapade. Gotta love the wardrobe, right.  I was stylin’.  Cool chick.  Pun intended. 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Though I have called many houses home, one looms soft in my mind and heart. Red brick and tin roof, housing laughter, devotion, and discipline. Outbuildings all for the quick feet of exploring youth, cows, cats, chickens, and free range kids … Continue reading

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