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Upside-down World

When what was and now is not happens in a wisp of a moment, when friends become foes, exchanging their trust for biting and isolating words, then it is plain to see that we are living in an upside-down world. … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Devastation

D oom and gloom, sometimes of our own doing; E ven if not, we can choose how V aliantly or cowardly we respond. A cceptance does not mean S urrender. T olerance does not mean A ll points of view … Continue reading

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Hope Spreads Wings

Life and death balance on a tenuous thread— the start and the end of things, the start and end of every moment. Birth sparks and hope spreads wings. Each moment by moment breath of life steadies itself on a mix … Continue reading

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I Believe in Fairytales

Once vital, once there—blood, red and pulsing, but as I finger your graying flesh, warmth is gone.  How can cold creep so quickly through these veins and arteries—and where did you go in that whispered breath, to leave this shell … Continue reading

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A Fluid Forever

The creeping darkness—really a creepy darkness, and it smothers my horizon with narrowing view, pressing smaller and smaller; and I wonder how it happened, when years that seemed to stretch before me in a flowing forever now shrink back on … Continue reading

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: God of the Slimmest of Chances

Hope looks through any open window, squints through cracks at a barely visible, a barely possible future because it is what we were made for– hope, that is. So even when life is its darkest, and smothering stresses would choke, cling, and … Continue reading

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There is a glimpse . . .

There is a glimpse I see through the brokenness–a glimpse of what will be. There is a glimmer beyond the black and tears, the groaning when evil prevails–a glimmer of kingdom and restoration. There is a goodness in the chaos, … Continue reading

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Hope Clings

Hope clings in the face of barrenness; hope sings in the face of long, cold days. Love stirs hope’s yearning and hangs on through the night through discouragement to brilliant day.

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November Roses

November roses, resisting the calendar, resisting the urge to die and wither and fertilize. New life opens to an uncommon warm and tells me winter is indeed coming; aspects of the cold already shatter my weak heart, but in this … Continue reading

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Hope is a Prayer . . .

Having a clinging, nails dug in kind of plea, a bruised knee kind of prayer, Overwhelming the inner pain with cleansing tears and constant “please Gods,” Pressing in to Someone stronger than my impotence, more capable than my imagination allows, … Continue reading

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