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Will Photograph for Food

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Somebody help me!

The only positive thing about my hubby getting laid off and having no health insurance is that now mammograms are an elective.  It’s been a rough few days, but I’m feeling better already! The biggest negative, other than creeping destitution, … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day: (Perhaps Thoughtless is Better)

Note to self: *Don’t forget to wash hands after cutting jalapenos and before touching face. *After washing several times and even covering fingers with milk, do not touch eyes to extricate an errant eyelash. *Wait till the next ice age before … Continue reading

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The Effects of the Fall

(Now if you believe in Adam and Eve and the fallen nature of man, you got that title and thought it was ever so clever . . . or not.  If you don’t believe, pretend it’s a seasonal piece.) I … Continue reading

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Mr. Septic Skeptic

I saw you on Youtube— so cocksure, convincing, and controlled.  (Notice my alliteration to stress the point!) So sure, Mr. Skeptic, you seem to be– but of course,with the absence of a fact checker to catch you up in your … Continue reading

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Party Invitation

You are invited to my pity party. No gifts are needed; I have enough self-pity to go around!

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My “Post”: The Story of Stupid

There once was a fence—a white rod-iron fence— to keep big pines in from wandering the neighborhood, or perhaps it was to keep cars out from trespassing the corner yard. Didn’t work. A car left a gaping hole in the … Continue reading

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Weakly Challenge Post (not a typo): Contrast

I am hurting from a bike accident, but must not miss the weekly challenge.  Such dedication . . . or obsession. Below is another study in contrasts, and this one contributed to my fall; but I am not holding a … Continue reading

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Gutter:  10 points Lilly:  -50 points Bike:  Still in play Dog:  In penalty box Diagnosis:  Bruised and cracked ribs–5 hours in urgent care Vicodin is my friend! Ouch!!!!!!!!!!  But I didn’t miss a post.  Of course, poem to follow.

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