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The Song is Still There

Time has been hard on some things, soft on others. Hands that planted, hoed, kneaded, washed, spanked, played, and praised are soft with disuse— in many parts the feeling gone. . Where once fingers crunched numbers, curled hair, cooked, crocheted, … Continue reading

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Before the Dark Call

Dare I raise my young, taut head when winter still slinks round, pounce-ready—sneaky like that? There is sun and wind and water and will, and my face yearns to breathe it all in. Dare I expose my defenseless self when … Continue reading

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A Moment’s Yes

Glimmers, slivers of light, blossoming blue-green and lavender in rippling paths, a wet veil of wonder, and I wander in this place in awe of what is seen–ever aware of the greater unseen. Can I still stare at the miracles … Continue reading

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