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Great Photos of a Great Tragedy

Eerie footage from the Powerhouse Fire

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Powerhouse Fire: Poor Horses on the Run

I’m not sure who took the photo, but it is a fireman trying to chase down the horses of some friends of ours.  The horses are freaked out and run toward the fire instead of away from.  If it wasn’t … Continue reading

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CA is Ablaze

Our valley is fighting a huge fire.  It is not close to me, but pray for so many who have lost homes and for our brave firefighters! Powerhouse Fire

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Thought for the day about stupid!

Some Californians apparently have no idea about dealing with winter.  My post “Color Me Cold” has pictures taken the Sat. before Christmas.  Notice the patches of open water.  Both hubby and I remarked on how stupid it was that folks … Continue reading

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In the Noose (I Mean, News!)

The latest Sesame Street inspired toy craze, designed to make shoppers maul and stomp over children and old ladies this Christmas season  in order to snag a purchase is called “Imprison Me, Elmo.”  Though I may have dreamt that.

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Yes, we built it!

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Dr. Leila Denmark–One Who Cared

It is interesting that I just put up my poem about the lack of consistent, ongoing caring.  We are so easily distracted and so much more aware of our own needs than those of others.  The exhortation still stands, for … Continue reading

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