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My Record of Wrongs

I kept diaries off and on as a kid, chronicling important stuff like supper menus, sibling squabbles, and crazy crushes; but it wasn’t until I began to travel and sing full time that I started journaling in earnest. Over the … Continue reading

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Darkness Moves

The darkness moves toward morning—sun and moon in their cycles, and I in my bed lie awake with the constant thrumming of words in my head. My body tosses and turns; my words toss and turn, and sleep is an … Continue reading

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Hearts Bleed

I heard the cutting words–the words that re-wrote my history, that sliced and carved out something foreign from my fragile self– and all along, I thought we were friends. Words cut and hearts bleed, and my protective shell adds another layer, … Continue reading

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Thoughts for the day: Pain!

Painless dentistry is an oxymoron! If I get my wisdom tooth out, I’m assuming I will still have all the knowledge I’ve accumulated; I just won’t know what to do with it! My husband bought a book called Pain Free.  It’s … Continue reading

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Broken hearts must not bleed . . .

Broken hearts must not bleed. They must not leave an obvious trail because I walked by you, every full and busy day, and your smile did not hint of your hemorrhaging heart. Your eyes did not mirror your interior paint-peeling, … Continue reading

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The Battle of Wounded Me

Consider: 1. A hiccup is as painful as a sneeze.  Not that you could stop either even if you wanted to. 2. Right turns in the car are the worst, so have husband only turn left.  It could be a long ride … Continue reading

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