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To See What I Could Sea

We have enough sand, but no beach; enough waves, but they generally radiate off hot pavement. We have moving air, but rather than the gentle off-shore breezes, our wind is often fence-bending, sand-bearing, hair-ripping gales! We have blue skies and … Continue reading

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Pelicans, Fishing for Compliments

I have never thought pelicans to be that beautiful a bird–maybe it’s something about that saggy, baggy jaw of theirs. I’ve never been one to sing their praises when there was a song sparrow to be had, or a finch, … Continue reading

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Pelican Brief

. . . with apologies to Grisham. 🙂

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Santa Barbeque

Well, we didn’t actually have BQ for Memorial Day, but we did go to Santa Barbara, along with half the population of So. Cal!  The traffic was horrible.  Note to self:  Go sight seeing on off-holidays. The title–I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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