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Waiting on the Wing

Mum, mum, the feeder is empty! Don’t forget the birds!

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I’ve heard of this thing called “grounding.”  If you touch the earth, skin to natural surface (or feather, obviously), all those nasty positive free radical charges are being equalized with the negative charge of the earth. Whoah!  I am feeling the … Continue reading

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To hum the impossible hum . . .

To hum the impossible hum, to fight the (apparently) unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow  (and desert heat), to fly where the brave dare not go! This is my quest, no matter what spectre, No matter how hopeless, I’ll … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (It isn’t . . .) Fresh #2

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Giving Up 1000 Gifts

I gave up on writing my 1000 gifts.  It’s not that I don’t have life-gifts to be thankful for.  And it’s not that it wouldn’t be profitable to record them, but since it has taken a year to get to … Continue reading

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Nature’s Hallelujah!–A Hummingbird Story

One spring, there was a mama and a daddy. As this story begins, daddy is gone about his business–just off doing what daddy hummers do. The mama fashioned a nest out of spiders’ webs and this and thats, filaments of … Continue reading

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A Story of Hummingbirds–the Preamble

I have been following a nest site from eggs to flight.  This week the last one left, and I was very sad.  It has been fun haunting my good neighbor Tony’s entryway, documenting their progress. Since I woke with a … Continue reading

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Yard Trek–The Next Generation

How fun is this!!! My neighbor lets me haunt his porch, watching mama feed her new hatchlings.  She is wary of me and lets me know I am an intruder, but I compliment her mothering skills and assure her that … Continue reading

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Standing Guard

There is a nest nearby, and he lets me know it!

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A Stand Alone

This little guy looks like he is done as a painting or with colored pencil, but the combination of the neighbor’s white stucco wall and the exposure blowing the background out, well . . .  I’d like to say I planned it … Continue reading

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