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When real life gives you murders, injustice, pain, vigilantism, discrimination, betrayal, and the myriad other destroyers of the human spirit, we rail, we protest, and we grieve . . . and yet, when we seek some respite from the real … Continue reading

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Whispers thread through the flaming rage, almost lost, almost imperceptible, drowned out by opinion, history, frenzied fury, and flailing fists. The whispers tip toe in my tossing mind, seeking a place to land and be heard. They are the filaments … Continue reading

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Furious Words

Words, words, analysis, paralysis, and the real needs of many are displaced and replaced with swirling, ever changing, news coverage. Money spent, reputations rent, as all of these Solomon moments, as all of these vacuous comments suck oxygen, abandon needy. … Continue reading

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Oh, wait . . .

I love to listen to those who agree with me; I hate those who are oppositional. Oh, wait . . . I need to listen to those who are oppositional so I can hone my arguments— enough to win the … Continue reading

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We need . . .

We need more grace and less criticism; we need more wisdom and less propaganda; we need more empathy and less arrogance and more patience than emotional outbursts; we need more remembrance and less fear mongering, and we need less resisting … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Scent

S omething stinks, and the decay C omes creeping, creeping, over Facebook and E mail and Twitter—whatever. And I would have N ever thought the divide so wide, the pit so deep, and T he resolution and mending so impossibly … Continue reading

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A Preface to My Profound Political Speech (Keeping It Real!)

First, thank you to all my fans and the planted vocal support placed throughout the crowd to give the illusion that I have more going for me than I do. I would like to thank my speech writers for the … Continue reading

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A Bit of This About That

A Facebook friend posted an article link in which the writer very methodically went down a list of why people post certain things on FB (and by extension, I would assume, any social media) and what was wrong with all … Continue reading

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