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It Seems So

When you do all you know to do, and when all the other fuzzy parts are Spirit crafted, and you know it, you see it, and you can’t and don’t take the credit, then you have this big confidence that all … Continue reading

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Broken hearts must not bleed . . .

Broken hearts must not bleed. They must not leave an obvious trail because I walked by you, every full and busy day, and your smile did not hint of your hemorrhaging heart. Your eyes did not mirror your interior paint-peeling, … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines

  “Three fast-food workers were found shot to death Wednesday . . .” “An explosion caused by a leaking propane tank leveled a house, killing a woman . . .” “A young actor was found dead in a hotel . … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life . . .

As I made the important decision this morning between Frosted Mini-wheats and egg and toast, you sobbed quietly in your hospital bed.  Your tiny wisp of a child died in the night—born early.  Your arms were empty. While I perused the … Continue reading

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A Manger Without a Baby

 I equipped the big walk-in closet in the living room of our tiny duplex with a green second-hand crib and stocked the built-in drawers with soft little layette items.  Long, wispy, white curtains tied back with yellow ribbon made an … Continue reading

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Idols

Pry from my hands these little trinkets, these very important “holy” things. Break these idols that I trust in; let me know my depth of sin. Devastate me with Your nearness; fill me with Your Spirit’s blaze. In one moment, … Continue reading

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Isolation . . .

Often we feel a sense of isolation—that the struggle is faced alone. There is an impending storm, and the tension between darkness and light seems all we can see. The opposite shore is so far away, the water cold and … Continue reading

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