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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

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Bookends: Quickly Goes the Day

Sunrise September 1, 2013 A trip to the beach to beat the heat–the last trek before school Sunset, a perfect bookend to a fun day

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Must Not Give Up!

Must do my daily post, though I don’t have a lot of time. I organized and put all the decor from graduation away, and now it’s time for lunch before the next round of have-to’s. It is difficult to be … Continue reading

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Color and Contrails

November 1st graced us with a beautiful sunrise and an equally beautiful sunset.  The airforce must have been having maneuvers, or else they were out there sowing that aluminum stuff that will be the next health disaster.  At any rate, the … Continue reading

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Morning Grace

You wound the threads of morning into this bright and burning ball, pulled as if out of desert sands, hung by strings of love and gift, morning’s song to wake the birds, the trees, and me. How can my voice … Continue reading

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Another Sunrise in My Bathtub

Another sunrise in my bathtub: My eyes are still blurry, but thankfully the camera’s is not. This is hubby’s invitation to a cheap vacation: “Lilly, there are clouds!” A glorious earth roll! Liquid gold and threads of amethyst move across … Continue reading

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Sunrise in My Bathtub

Standing in my bathtub in my nightie, camera in hand, snapping pictures as a blazing sun burns off the memory of yesterday’s storm. Not superior planning by our builder, this picture window for a bath– but for capturing sunrise souls, … Continue reading

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Sunday Offering

The world turns, and molten light swallows up the darkness of night. Hope rises as the sun rises.

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The Battle of Wounded Me

Consider: 1. A hiccup is as painful as a sneeze.  Not that you could stop either even if you wanted to. 2. Right turns in the car are the worst, so have husband only turn left.  It could be a long ride … Continue reading

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