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Rescue Me!

I have been away from my blogs for a while. If you don’t see me soon, then come rescue me because the grandkids probably have me tied up in the closet!

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Merry Christmas to All!

Wishing all of my blogger friends a joyous Christmas! We are still sick and hoping the bugs die off quickly so we can start 2018 in robust health. Joy to all!

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Yay, I made it to 2000!

2000 followers today.  How fun!  Okay, to celebrate, everyone send me 10 bucks! 🙂

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To My Old and New Blogger Friends

I have officially given up on catching up with posts from old friends and new followers.  I came back from my trip with too much in my in-box, so here’s a message to you all: You are all beautiful people … Continue reading

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I’m Starting a Petition!

Okay, I’m starting a petition to have those who write long posts to have their comment icon at the bottom of the post instead of wayyyyyyyy back up at the top.  It only seems like common sense to me. Enough … Continue reading

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Trouble in WP City?

Is anybody else having trouble accessing WP?  It won’t always accept my user name and password this afternoon; and just now when I finally got in, when I try to go to today’s post, I am not signed in for … Continue reading

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Whoa! Manic Moment

Just like that someone dropped me, and I am now 699.  It’s right up there with being unfriended on FB.  My self-esteem is on a roller coaster–no, wait . . . maybe a ferris wheel–no, wait, maybe a wagon train. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Do Change Well

There’s a reason why I have the same style of blog here since I started:  I settle in, get comfortable, and the newest and greatest is not that tempting. So you can probably tell that the new reader format is … Continue reading

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Yay!  The snow is back. 🙂

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♥Than k @s!!! — >

I find it interesting that WP will not allow duplicate comments.  I mean, how many ways can you say “Thanks” when that is all you really want to say.  Here are a few offerings: Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!  (Okay, you get the … Continue reading

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