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Words Fall

Words, syllables, inflections, breathed and yelled, soft and loud, mouthed and thought, heard and not, written and spoken, valued and ignored, but so weighty for the one who owns them, for that one desperate to be treasured. When we begin, … Continue reading

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May the Words

Where are the days when I sowed into your life and you into mine? It meant so much in that moment, but is that harmony  lost to the multitude of noises in the universe—the ever present drone, earth to star. … Continue reading

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Hearts Bleed

I heard the cutting words–the words that re-wrote my history, that sliced and carved out something foreign from my fragile self– and all along, I thought we were friends. Words cut and hearts bleed, and my protective shell adds another layer, … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

There are some words that should never be said because even if they are true, they can burn bridges. Some true things need only be prayed.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters and More Letters

Letters make up my life–my work, my play, my heart, my music.  They wake me in the morning, bouncing off the inside of my head, spilling out in words.  They race in me at night, keeping me from sleep.

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Take Care How You Build

A kind word and a mean word do not weigh the same, word for word. Kind words are light and porous–beautiful–and only make a solid structure with many upon many upon many.  The weight multiples as the words do and … Continue reading

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Love Me with Your Words

Love me with your words. You feel it in your heart and know it in your head, but across miles, I can’t feel it. I can’t feel it in pithy quotes and Youtube samples, FB funnies and brain-teasing games. I … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces, simple strokes here and there with power to slice to the heart, to dismember and wound, power to elevate to the skies, to swell dashed hope, locks to bind, deceits to blind, keys to free and give … Continue reading

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Everybody Has a Story

An observation, an opinion, an idea, a story—everybody has one. . . . But not every voice is heard. Not every voice can b  -r  -e-  a-  k—– through the drone of drilling words— to cut the wake, the constant … Continue reading

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