I visited Virginia City, NV, a few years ago. The old part of town looked like it came out of a Hollywood western, complete with rustic building facades, saloons, and wooden sidewalks. Strolling along, you had to be careful where you planted your feet because probably like bygone days the  planked sidewalks were uneven. Sometimes where one board met another, there was a lip that could send the unwary sprawling.

Now in my town that would be an occasion to sue. But in days gone by, the assumption was that you watched where you walked and took charge of your own life. Though efforts were made to safeguard the community, it was assumed that life happened, so walker beware.

It seems that in this day, we want everyone to be aware for us and to be held accountable for any mishap–whether it be a physical situation or a misspoken word. Life is uneven–sometimes a result of our own choices and sometimes others’. To take responsibility for our actions and own the resulting consequences is a skillset that needs cultivating.

So yes, I am taking that Facebook post down right away!

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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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3 Responses to Uneven

  1. susanpoozan says:

    I agree we should responsibility for ourselves.

  2. Patricia Sanders says:

    Responsibility is a subject no one wants to talk about. Seems that our” milleniums” have a difficult time doing this. Not that I am perfect by any means, just a personal observation from working in the schools, dealing with parents, and raising children who are part of this time frame. I don’t have facebook so I am unaware of what post you are referring to.
    There is no crime in voicing your opinion, just know that not everyone will agree, and some may have strong opposition. Such is life.

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