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If Only

If only chocolate were cruciferous, and coffee were vegetable broth. If only tap-tappng at my computer were aerobic, and Facebook Scrabble were resistance exercise for muscle, as well as mind. If only cabbage were strawberries, and sprouts were Snickers bars. … Continue reading

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Yums and Apples! :-)

  It is actually yams and apples (or sweet potatoes).  This is a holiday favorite, but I eat it whenever the desire hits.  It is nutritious and tastes great! Scrub as many yams or sweet potatoes as you think will … Continue reading

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Vegan Lasagna (to live for)

  In trying to eliminate animal products from our diet, I have struggled some with replacing old faithful dishes with others that would be appropriate not just for everyday fare, but also in more festive situations.  This vegie lasagna is … Continue reading

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Christmas Coal–The Good Kind!

You’ve heard of Christmas goodies called snowballs.  Well, this is a healthier version and a little browner.  Hubby thought I should call them Christmas Dirt, but I have decided Christmas Coal is more appropriate.  But these are a far cry … Continue reading

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My Vegie Pizza!

I didn’t photograph a step by step, but this is what went into my vegie pizza, which turned out very tasty, if I do say so.  And hubby says so, too! When I made my last batch of fresh ground … Continue reading

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Vegie Time: Collard Burgers

This was my vegie lunch today.  I buy as much organic as I can and typically only allow non-organic items that are on the clean-15 list. It is important to buy collard greens that are organic since commercial farms use … Continue reading

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Farmer Lill, Y’all

With xeriscape front and back, my stepping stones and spots of color from drought-resistant plants was not quite enough.  I have one container tomato plant and actually have harvested the first 3 tomatoes.  No worm damage, no bird damage, no … Continue reading

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Break from work = profound thought (just in case it is not perfectly clear): I have been flirting with a low-fat vegan diet since summer (80-10-10).  I refuse to think I consistently fail.  It’s more like adapting–to hunger and circumstance. … Continue reading

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No Olive Oil . . . Nor Popeye

In trying to eliminate more fats from my diet, I have been trying to make salads that are tasty and not boring, but with low-calorie oilless dressings.  I LOVE pico de gallo.  And though I make my own gringo salsa, I had never … Continue reading

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Fast Food–Vegan Style

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