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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower

Remembering a Friend

When there is the shock of loss–a sudden departure–and you feel like you need to do something to fix things and to take the sting away; and yet, there is nothing to be done in this shattered moment, but you … Continue reading

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As deep cries out to deep . . .

Blessed Christmas– a time to remember how the present God became an intensified presence, donning our flesh to be one of us. The depths of my despair, loss, and dysfunction cry out to the depths of his love, accessibility, and … Continue reading

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In You, O Lord (Lilly’s Amplified)

In You, O Lord, do I take refuge; I run to You when the darkness closes in, when chaos comes, and my own best ideas about shelter fail. let me never be put to shame; let me not be disappointed … Continue reading

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And this is love . . . (Lilly’s Amplified)

My dear brothers and sisters, you, me, everyone, take note of this: Are you listening? Pay close attention! Everyone should be quick to listen, to the reasons, the evidence, and the pain on all sides, slow to speak, not jumping … Continue reading

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And Yet

I am sure, confident in my banked experience, my accurate perception, and in my ability to determine how what I see and hear interconnects with all the memories, retained, recalled, and relied on to make sense of my world. I … Continue reading

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Not Home Yet

Originally posted on Apronhead:
Walking in shadows, occasional whispers of light remind me I am indeed in Him inadequate, but on the path to home. The yearning, the longing, keeps doubt in check— somewhat, somehow, hoping that someday what we…

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Upside-down World

Originally posted on Apronhead:
When what was and now is not happens in a wisp of a moment, when friends become foes, exchanging their trust for biting and isolating words, then it is plain to see that we are living…

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Rescue Me!

I have been away from my blogs for a while. If you don’t see me soon, then come rescue me because the grandkids probably have me tied up in the closet!

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Seeing with New Eyes

I had cataract surgery done a week and a half ago. I chickened out last year–something about a knife near the eyes bit! But I was getting desperate, so I did not read any contraindications and just went for it. … Continue reading

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I Was Once a Thief

I was once a thief, deliberate, conniving, and unrepentant. Sort of. I got twenty-five cents for a weekly allowance, and it was the good old days when that kind of coin really meant something. Well, . . . not really. … Continue reading

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