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A Little Bit About That

It is much more comfortable to make my own decisions. When others make them for me, even if I would have come eventually to the same conclusions, there is a pain and a sense of betrayal in having been decided for. … Continue reading

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In the Middle

A café and a coffee, a grace moment to think, to mull, to pray and toe-tap to piped in jazz, to stare at an old black and white classic on the muted set, and it’s a sandwich, sandwiched in between the club and conversation … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

“Hi, how’s it goin’?” “Fine.” My “How are you?”–if it is more than a verbal high-5–opens up the possibility that you might not be well and might have more than 3 seconds to explain the reason why. And yet, we … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

There are some words that should never be said because even if they are true, they can burn bridges. Some true things need only be prayed.

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Where’s the Delete Button?

Where’s the delete button on that stupid thing I did? Is there an app for that? Where is the editing software that makes that comment less offensive than it is, muted soft around the ages–perhaps honoring instead of demeaning? Is … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day: Contraindications

Over the last few days, I have heard several times an ad on the radio that is for some miracle drug that is supposed to help a particular syndrome.  The spokesperson is very positive about the benefits of said drug, … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day: Burden

If Your burden is light, as You say, then why does this feel so heavy? So maybe it’s not Your burden that rests on my shoulders.

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CA Earthquakes!!!

Don’t worry about me!  As long as I can update my blog and FB, you know I am in one piece.  Now if you hear of the big one and I don’t make a comment, send out the National Guard!

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Thought for the Day: About St. Pat’s Day

St. Pat’s Day is a bad memory: A few years ago, I entered a local limerick contest. I was told I was one of the winners but had to come to the corned beef dinner put on by the women’s … Continue reading

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Thought: I am more brilliant than I know!

On my blogspot blog, a person commented on a post that contained some hummingbird pictures.  I knew I was brilliant, but I did not guess that I was so brilliant as to have made some kind of important social commentary … Continue reading

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