In the dark . . .

In the dark, most of the world is asleep,

but not me.

I hear and feel every heartbeat, and

thoughts ping here and there, mixing with dreams as I slip into sleep

and wake again.

It is a lonely place on my pillow

in the dark

in my head

with my beating heart and my beating head.

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Oh, wait . . .

I love to listen to those who agree with me;

I hate those who are oppositional. Oh, wait . . .

I need to listen to those who are oppositional so I can hone my arguments—

enough to win the debate. Oh, wait . . .

Winning is not all I am called to as a believer


how do I hold to a position and defend a position without being arrogant,

without appearing holier than thou,

with being open to learning a new point of view?

I love to be right.

I hate to be wrong.


how will I ever grow and know unless I listen.

Oh, wait . . .

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We need . . .

We need more grace and less criticism;

we need more wisdom and less propaganda;

we need more empathy and less arrogance and

more patience than emotional outbursts;

we need more remembrance and less fear mongering, and

we need less resisting and more persisting

in prayer.

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Daily Prompt: Overwhelmed

O kay, I can’t live like this–all this tweeting, and FBing, and

V blogging, as if I need to know

E very single inconsequential thing about your daily

R ituals, what you’re selling, what you’re pushing.

W hat I need is quiet–physical and mental–a

H iatus from personal and political rants and

E nd-of-the-world diatribes. If the world is

L ost, then let me at the very least live

M y last brief moments

E njoying the illusion that people really

D o love and respect each other–at least now and then.

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Daily Prompt: Scent

S omething stinks, and the decay

C omes creeping, creeping, over Facebook and

E mail and Twitter—whatever. And I would have

N ever thought the divide so wide, the pit so deep, and

T he resolution and mending so impossibly far off.

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Daily Prompt:Ten

T wo U.S. candidates plus rancor bipartisanship

E quals bitterness, chaos, and mind

N umbing diatribes. Chill everyone. Take five . . . no, take ten!

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Daily Prompt: Devastation

D oom and gloom, sometimes of our own doing;

E ven if not, we can choose how

V aliantly or cowardly we respond.

A cceptance does not mean

S urrender.

T olerance does not mean

A ll points of view are true. But

T o live, thrive, and love

I n this crazy, reeling world is to

O nly and in all things hope,

N ot giving destruction and despair a soul-hold.


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I visited Virginia City, NV, a few years ago. The old part of town looked like it came out of a Hollywood western, complete with rustic building facades, saloons, and wooden sidewalks. Strolling along, you had to be careful where you planted your feet because probably like bygone days the  planked sidewalks were uneven. Sometimes where one board met another, there was a lip that could send the unwary sprawling.

Now in my town that would be an occasion to sue. But in days gone by, the assumption was that you watched where you walked and took charge of your own life. Though efforts were made to safeguard the community, it was assumed that life happened, so walker beware.

It seems that in this day, we want everyone to be aware for us and to be held accountable for any mishap–whether it be a physical situation or a misspoken word. Life is uneven–sometimes a result of our own choices and sometimes others’. To take responsibility for our actions and own the resulting consequences is a skillset that needs cultivating.

So yes, I am taking that Facebook post down right away!

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I ncreasing in time and distance, pushing back, back, back and forward again,

N ever finding a beginning or an ending. It is like the game I used to play as a kid,

F illing my mind with as much intentional emptiness as I could,                                                              pushing, pushing to see

I f I could drive my way back to where there is

N othing.

I t never quite worked because somewhere in this exercise my brain would                                          stop—just stop.

T oo full of thoughts to be empty, expanding space. Too busy and impatient                                               to persevere to the end of my self. Vanity. Human.

E ver seeking the end of things, the majesty where God lives and where He                                                finds it in Himself to love even  me.

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Daily Prompt: Specific

Let me be SPECIFIC: I had hoped to FLOAT into the New Year with a new determination to daily respond to the Daily Prompt; however, it has been 3 days without posting, and I guess I was just TEMPTED by other things–photography edits, hiking, cookies, school corrections and lesson plans, and other engagements. It just had not CROSSED my mind that I was so late.

Now let me be SPECIFIC: Though I didn’t post on time for the others, I feel much assuaged in my guilt, having included 4 prompts in one.

See, I feel so much better.

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