A Bit of This About That

A Facebook friend posted an article link in which the writer very methodically went down a list of why people post certain things on FB (and by extension, I would assume, any social media) and what was wrong with all of that. It got me thinking.

There was much in it I could agree with–kind of, sort of. Some folks need approval and only post to get it. (Don’t forget the LIKE button down below.)

Others have no community–read that, no life–and so have high hopes that with a lot of FB or blog friends they will somehow find that sense of belonging they crave. This author would have you abandon that “shallow” quest in order to search out real flesh and blood friends and family (or stay home and sulk if you don’t happen to have any close by). I have, I must admit almost unfriended my faraway siblings for not LIKING my FB life, but blood is thicker than ambivalence–I think. That’s a real sulk.

It is true, as the author rightly points out, that folks often share too much personal information and / or pictures of mangled pets or stitches on a bloody incision. I will be very happy not to see one more healing wound or bug bite or even a bloody slab of prime rib with baked potato! Vegan moment! The meat, not the potato (but perhaps guilty by association since it had sour cream on top).

But what was ironic is that the commentary is a blog posted on the Web and linked to others on other social media sites. Maybe not hypocrisy, but certainly a disconnect there.

I think Web life might be the world we live in now.

Is conversation over coffee in an intimate coffee shop that plays old black and white movies in the corner with soft jazz piped through the system a better environment for fostering relationship? Probably. But can’t we have a both / and without being accused of sacrificing the sacred cow of what is supposedly real.

For some, the Internet offers a broader horizon to find folks of common (or uncommon) mind here, there, and across the world. For others, it might make far flung loved ones seem not too far flung as we share pictures and jokes and health tips.

And there might be that voyeurism thing.

Does social media have its problems. Sure. But most of that has to do with you driving into my lane on the freeway as you update your status.

Unless the apocalypse comes sooner than later, social web connections are here to stay. There is value in all of it as long as we find a balance with what is real and accessible and what is just safe fun–and as long as we don’t post any more extracted teeth.

(Don’t forget the LIKE button. I like to have an audience because I am needy. Or not.)

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And Here Below

Clouds scud across an aquamarine sky, bullied by westerlies, unsure of their destination, but determined to get there. And here below

my stationary stance

seems insignificant to the grandeur of heavenly motion; and even

my sure stance

is planted on a revolving world in its wild orbital trek. So it seems I am nothing much in the large scheme of things—and even this thinking part, a futile exercise for one so small,

so temporary.

Would I have more peace if I didn’t think

and just let this moment pass unmolested by a prying mind that seeks purpose and certainty in a war zone where beauty and design seek fragile balance to malevolence’s dark designs?

Might it not be better to go to oblivion oblivious, than wrestle with the mess of you unwinding my carnal threads to use in your grand tapestry. I have to wonder at a love so big that can reclaim all these ashes spread to the wind, unsure of their destination, but determined to get there.


We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. Through suffering, our bodies continue to share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies.  ~II Corinthians 4: 8-10

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More Bluebirds

Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly:

124 - Copy

I love these little guys (and gals).  The lake, which is now part mud hole and part pond because of the CA drought, was a bit lean on wildlife this trip.  So to have these bluebirds pose for me was fun!

104 - Copy086 - Copy

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A Place to Belong

Maybe community as a group doesn’t exist. Is there

a place to belong, to breathe deep without fear of regulation and restraint—

to be who I am and am becoming in safety—

knowing and being known,


Maybe community as a group doesn’t exist.

Maybe community comes in ones and twos, bits and snatches

of love and connection.

Maybe it comes in those broken times when my fear and doubt, that in some eyes would threaten the stability of all of Christendom, is rather met

with understanding and the ah-ha’s that underscore I am not alone in my loss and alienation.

Maybe community is found in the stumbling along, the leaning on, the my picking you up and the you picking me up stuff of life,

not in the largeness, and the rightness of group but

in the ones and twos,

fellowship of the weak.


“We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” (New Living, II Cor. 4:7)

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Life Changes

I have often said the loss of my first child changed my whole life—

how I look at the world, how I look at comforters, how I look at God.

My husband’s motorcycle accident and my youngest son’s car accident changed my whole life—

changed the way I hear telephone rings and wait for late arrivals.

The loss of a treasured friend changed my whole life—

changed the way I open myself up and how soon I trust.

Having an emergency appendectomy at 11 changed my whole life, as did

getting glasses and

being schooled in a one-room school by a sometimes tyrant.

But come to think of it, marriage changed my whole life, as did

my beautiful boys and my wonderful grandchildren,

my research on the Internet,

my teaching,

my art,

my photography.

My publishing and recording career changed everything.

Baking whole wheat bread and learning to juice changed my whole life, as did

beach trips and mountain winding roads and migraines and conversations over coffee and journaling and

pet dogs and planting tomatoes and bike treks and menopause and swimming laps and sunrises in the morning, sunsets in the evening, and

computers and orchids and organic vegetables and Trader Joes and Youtube

and . . .

I think I’ve come to the brilliant conclusion

that life

has changed my whole life.


Note: Don’t understand why, but I was able to post media this time when I am supposed to have used up all my space here on this blog. Hmm.  Don’t forget to check out my new blog at apronheadlilly.wordpress.com .

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The air turns cold,


and your words contract as my probing shrivels. 

You misunderstand my questions, and I misunderstand your need.

You ignore my need to talk while I ignore your need for silence;

and so we sit pretending,

while the air turns cold.

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Please check out my new blog!

I have started my new blog.  Please come along and follow me!


I know I’m pretty boring, keeping almost the same title. :)

It’s been a while since I navigated all the widgets and all, but bear with me as I fine tune the presentation.

Ah, new beginnings!

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New Blog Coming

Well, it appears I have no choice but to start over. I will be setting up a new one and will  invite those who care to follow me. I will post the new address here when I have it done.

See you soon.

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Interesting ??

I just deleted a large number of early blogs and pics that were larger files, also some video. It has not changed anything. My deletions have not given me more capacity.  Sigh.

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I’m Stuffed!

So it appears I have no more room to post, and my $20 renewals are not available to me any more.  So what do the rest of you all do?  Start a new blog?  Pay up for the bigger fees? Start deleting old blogs?  I guess free could not go on forever!

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