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What I have learned this year . . .

  I have learned I am weaker than I thought I was, weaker than I want to be– in every way. And though I have often said the same, I know I am ever in desperate need of His strength … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s post today: Who cares about the history . . .

As I was driving around doing last minute shopping, I was listening to Michael Medved give a history lesson on the traditions of Christmas. Confession:  I do listen to talk radio, but I get irritated at the format because basically … Continue reading

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Christmas Acrostic

Come to crush the serpent’s head, Heaven’s Son, Creation wielder, Roiled in the raw filth of our mutiny and brokenness, Intervention looked like a baby. Sinew, muscle, blood, and bone, Tears and hunger, heat and cold, Mender of hearts, mender … Continue reading

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First Breathings

I would abandon my boring blue skies for this– first breath of winter. Let the sun beat the desert floor another day; for now, let this crystalline colored breath and cheek plumming wind chase me home to hot chocolate or … Continue reading

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Coffee Break!

  . . . or at least spill!  My “friendly” Cooper’s Hawk returned, and of course I jumped up to take a picture through my newly cleaned, and expansively so, window!  See what happens when you clean the whole thing! Problem:  … Continue reading

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Studies in Shadow 2: Sure Shadows

Is it enough to follow only shadows— to follow truth that seems so dim to the eyes, yet solid to the feet? When the longing for clarity hurts more that the piercing of life’s pains, I will grip sure shadows—a … Continue reading

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Studies in Shadow . . .

We are here for only a moment, visitors and strangers in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace. I Chron. 29:15 (NL) Now we … Continue reading

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The Write Stuff

What is it that motivates you to write?  What is your process? I write in several ways.  If it is an assignment or project that I’m not particularly excited about, I still just dive in and try to give it … Continue reading

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A Camera and a Bike . . .

A camera and a bike puts the FUN back in exercise!        

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Shame: its spindly, iced fingers intertwined with spines of guilt, subtlety weaving criss-crossed webs of black, embedded in memory, blocking vision with its darkness, trapping dreams in venomous fibers, twisting up expectation into tangled chaos—saved to be digested another day … Continue reading

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