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Upside-down World

When what was and now is not happens in a wisp of a moment, when friends become foes, exchanging their trust for biting and isolating words, then it is plain to see that we are living in an upside-down world. … Continue reading

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Dead Trees, Thorns, Elections, and Me

There is an abbey up in the hills where I like to go to think, to photograph, and to seek moments of peace. A few weeks ago, I happened to go on a Sunday morning, and since there were masses … Continue reading

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I Want

I want community, a neighborly world where care and concern are a part of the DNA.  So often, relationships come in blurred glimpses, fleeting, like the countryside seen through windows on a fast train. It’s there, and it’s not, and … Continue reading

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I Am Here

I am here; do you see me? Fingertip to fingertip in a world where alienation is the norm, I press in and on, seeking like-minded, like-hearted. I am here; do you see me?

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For Those Without a Candle

For those without a candlelight service, without a community to share this blessed season with.  Here’s my candle of fellowship–all lit.  Passing it on to you. Blessed Christmas, and may the reality of His Christmas truth overpower any of our … Continue reading

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Broken hearts must not bleed . . .

Broken hearts must not bleed. They must not leave an obvious trail because I walked by you, every full and busy day, and your smile did not hint of your hemorrhaging heart. Your eyes did not mirror your interior paint-peeling, … Continue reading

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Behind the Headlines

  “Three fast-food workers were found shot to death Wednesday . . .” “An explosion caused by a leaking propane tank leveled a house, killing a woman . . .” “A young actor was found dead in a hotel . … Continue reading

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Alone . . .

Today I passed you on the road.  Our eyes didn’t meet through the tint, but I caught the outline of your face as you whisked by.   What thoughts were you thinking in your shiny new car?  Are you a real … Continue reading

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Blogspot sounds like a disease . . .

Blogspot sounds like a childhood disease, and WordPress sounds like it should produce some sort of gourmet espresso.  What is this fascination with blogging that turns academics and everyday housewives, factory workers and retired grandparents, to poets and essayists?  What … Continue reading

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