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Teenage Mutant Ninja . . . Geese!

They’re actually Chinese (Swan) geese.  And believe me it took some Googling to find that out!  I thought maybe it was a Hollywood thing with all the enhanced plastic surgery going around.  Strange birds! And these suckers have teeth . … Continue reading

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My Daily POST! (A bird, too.)

The post is awesome, as is the bird. 🙂 Notice the sign:  Is it dangerous for the birds or the people?  I assume it is the birds, given all that Wonder bread floating around, and given the fact they get … Continue reading

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I call this “Geese in Black and White.”

An original title, don’t you think? (Update:  My birding friend tells me they are domestics derived from mallard ducks.  I think they should wear name tags so as not to confuse amateur birders! 🙂 )

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Ah, Humans . . .

Ah, humans . . . the other white meat! Photographs by Lilly Caption by hubby Menacing look by Night Heron (even in the day!)

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The X Factor

X marks the spot for this little frenetic mountain chickadee!

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Snoopy Dance!!!

I know I look calm on the outside, but inside . . . inside, I am doing the SNOOPY DANCE!!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

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Fingering Eternity

Fingering the heavens, fingering the eternal, reaching, reaching for the knowing part of this God-friendship, needing not just instruction, but communion, needing not just a job description, but a guiding with your eye upon me. Presence—intelligible. Presence—concrete. And never alone: … Continue reading

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Breakfast Club

I had a new friend show up for breakfast yesterday morning–a sharp-shinned hawk.  There he sat minute after minute, sometimes scouring the surroundings for fresh meat, other times preening and scratching.  He was oblivious to my dog and only glanced … Continue reading

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How to Cheat on Your . . .

Okay, I was going to say “on your husband,” but that would give you a totally false impression and use a misleading title purely for the sake of humor, which I would never be wont to do.  But that said, this … Continue reading

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