The Weak in Review:

My hubby has bent over backwards to help me in this down time with my broken rib and bruised everything.  But he went above and beyond when, without even asking, I saw him go to my bird feeders and fill them up so I could watch from my computer desk.  That’s love!

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17 Responses to The Weak in Review:

  1. kzackuslheureux says:

    You’re right! Good for you for noticing! 😉

  2. Maybe you’re reaping your reward for all the clean socks and underwear over the years?

  3. That really *IS* super sweet of him. 🙂

  4. tootlepedal says:

    Obviously a very fine chap.

  5. Dor says:

    Hard times bring out the best in the best people! I love your title “The Weak in Review” – as always, you make me smile. Hope things are improving little by little so you will be good as new.

  6. Now that is a love language I can relate to!! My husband and woodworking inclined children will be building a starling trap for me. 😀

  7. Shez says:

    We each have one of the great husbands. Lucky us! And it is so good to hear you are beginning to feel the change toward “better.”

    Sleep deprived people in pain finally get to a point everyone stays clear and who would blame them? Eventually we get better and one of the first signs is actually sleeping at night. Whether it is pure exhaustion that makes us sleep or it is because we are becoming more comfortable so we can sleep makes no difference. We sleep. Our moods improve. Our loved ones cautiously return.

    Some of the really brave ones were there the whole time. Bless them. 😀

  8. Behind every woman with a broken rib and a bruised everything is a great man……………
    Best wishes for getting well soon!

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