A Hawk Flock

122 - CopyMy husband was out hanging laundry (and yes, he does laundry! :-)), and he called me to come out with my camera.  Above us flew several hawks.  They moved in a circling pattern as I have seen one or maybe two do when they are looking for prey, but there had to have been about six or seven.

125 - Copy 108 - Copy

More kept coming.  Then there were ten!  And all of a sudden two more swooped in.  It was amazing.  There were twelve zone-tailed hawks total!  I have never in my life seen a flock of hawks–if you even call it that.  And if they were migrating, it was a very weird pattern, not like V flying ducks, for sure!

101 - Copy 143 - Copy

I only wish they had been lower or my zoom had been longer.  Very fun!



(Okay, my birding friend thinks these are turkey vultures.  In my research, I found that zone-tailed hawks and turkey vultures look and fly similarly; and since my photos aren’t super sharp, it is hard to be definitive.  To top it off, sometimes zones fly with carrion eating vultures to hide and sneak up on prey.  So you see the problem–earth shattering as it is!  To top top it off, it would ruin my title.  I’d have to say Vulture Culture or Turkey Jerkey.  So I’m leaving the post as is with the hope that somewhere among the 12 whatevers a zoner was cruising!)

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10 Responses to A Hawk Flock

  1. coastalcrone says:

    I see them here in South Texas in the fall. They form a kettle and are said to be kettling. It is quite a sight! Good job of capturing them.

  2. tootlepedal says:

    Amazing. We have kites in this country which fly in groups like that.

  3. ly says:

    That blue sky is as beautiful as the hawks!

  4. dorannrule says:

    WOW! Amazing photos Lilly. I find it miraculous to see only one hawk – but ten? Like I said – WOW! 🙂

  5. rainbowdi says:

    Nice shots!

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