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A Reminder

I cannot publish photographs here anymore. Met my quota! So just a reminder that my other site has my photography with my writings.

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There is a line . . .

There is a line in the sand, and I dare not cross— but funny thing about sand and funny thing about lines, they wash away with beating waves, leaving a skimming reflection where surety used to be. So maybe instead … Continue reading

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Recipe for Discouragement

2 parts resentment 1 part pleasant façade A dash of memory Mix well. Add 3 parts criticism, sliced and diced (optional) Sauté in a broken heart and mind. Slowly add equal parts shame and guilt. Fold gently. Let settle covered … Continue reading

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People Don’t See You

People don’t see you; they see your cane, your chair, your walker. They see your tremor and your white hair, and the you you used to be and the you you are are supplanted by images and stereotypes and judgments. … Continue reading

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Christmas Gift

  Carried for nine months and birthed far from Heaven’s hallelujahs into Israel’s Rough fringes—a Bethlehem town, Incarnation, God come to be one of us—a Singular identification with The lost and the loved: It was a lowly Ministry to a … Continue reading

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Life Changes

I have often said the loss of my first child changed my whole life— how I look at the world, how I look at comforters, how I look at God. My husband’s motorcycle accident and my youngest son’s car accident … Continue reading

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The air turns cold, brittle, and your words contract as my probing shrivels.  You misunderstand my questions, and I misunderstand your need. You ignore my need to talk while I ignore your need for silence; and so we sit pretending, … Continue reading

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And still it pours! Yay!

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Yeah, it rains in CA!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half . . . and Half!

. . . okay, new math!

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