People don’t care . . .

'11 CA

People don’t care—

not really.

They care if there is a bloated belly,

a bloody newsreel,

a dirty, tear-stained cherub staring them in the face.

It’s a moment of light,


the dryer dings,

the tire goes flat,

the to-dos mount.

Staring them in the face,

it’s a blinding blur,


need succumbs to the big, gigantic self

while someone suffers.


About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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21 Responses to People don’t care . . .

  1. susansplace says:

    Beautiful photo. Sad words. I think for many, it’s true. But also for many, we try.

  2. katehobbs says:

    I need more compassion. There are so many lonely people out there, of all ages. I just need the eyes and ears to see and hear them and I need to initiate something. Thanks for this poignant reminder.

  3. anuradha says:

    very true,even though few people try to care ,what they often say is they don’t have time or patience to show concern.I’m happy to see that atleast some people are not that way.

  4. kzackuslheureux says:

    Thought provoking.

  5. Dor says:

    My Dad used to say, “It’s survival of the fittest.” Not entirely true. I like to think about the people who ignore the dryer dinging in favor of giving time and attention to someone else in need.

  6. seekraz says:

    You already know this, but life is too big for us to possibly carry the weight of all of it…we would be paralyzed…so we touch the little parts of it that we can…you do, I do, we do…and sometimes it makes a difference. Your tender heart….

    Thank you, Lilly.

  7. Sad and often true – the cold alone that no one sees is not a popular cause…

  8. First of all I must admit I’m far too self-centred; that’s the flesh I battle everyday. But people do care; we just don’t often hear about who cares for who, or how much time each person sacrifices for others. Perhaps the devil uses this line of thought to discourage us all? (I know he has on me.) Maybe we should share more stories about caring people–as you did in today’s post.

    We have friends who were mission workers in Haiti years ago; now their son, married to the daughter of my best friend, have gone to a remote part of that country, up in the mountains, to set up a little maternity clinic. We get their newsletters which are very inspiring.

    In the few months just before they arrived, nine pregnancies yielded NOT ONE live birth! They are trying to make a difference with simple medical attention and teaching. Of course people come for any and every reason to the little clinic, badly burned, injured in accidents, children with worms, etc.

    Folks over here have provided them with an ambulance for major emergencies and support their work in other ways. Nurses have volunteered time. They asked for contributions and raised money for a little school where some neglected street children can learn the basics, taught by one of the Haitian brethren.

    This is one small example in one corner of the globe and I’m thankful for that work. But as I read your post, I’m asking myself how much more I need to be involved in the Lord’s work by prayer & financial support, and with people in my own community. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. Lindy Lee says:

    Very well said…

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