The Pain of God

Blood-red, crimson poured, bruised and slashed,

cross-crisscrossed, tissue, nerve and sinew,

Sacred threads bleeding, “Father, forgive them— ”

Thorn and nail, sin and curse,

opposing timbers track and soak rivulets, tears ruby-red,

dripping, dripping.

Heaving heavy, breaths sucked searing,

rising, falling, out of joint, lots cast, seamless prize,

a Savior’s scream, “My God, my God, why— ”

Creeping clouds, shake the thunder,

separated sun, temple veil top to bottom, human veil rent,

ripping, ripping.

Pale, drained dry,

a Spirit’s surrender: “It is finished.”


Check out a great Easter weekend post from my friend Joe.

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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9 Responses to The Pain of God

  1. grand-player says:

    So wonderful to see so many posts honoring the savior today.

  2. susansplace says:

    That is beautiful, Lily. Praise God!

  3. I love the ending of the poem. It is indeed finished — Christ has accomplished it all. Am having goose pimples reading this.

  4. katehobbs says:

    There is so much power in the cross that we often forget it. I have found that the safest place, the hardest place, and yet the most beautiful place, is at the foot of the cross.
    May you and your followers know that to be true today.

    • Thanks. It is where we need to return to. It seems foolishness to those who don’t believe, but it is the pivot point of all history. Simple, agonizing, and redeeming.

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