Squirrelus Irritatum

My feeder seems to be attracting all manner of queer birds.  In addition to the Murder Hawk and the Calico Catimus, we now have the Big-eyed Tomato Stealing Groundis Squirrelus Irritatum!  Are there any regular birds in the neighborhood?

This little guy is so cute he is the lucky winner of my Cage-match Trophy!  The prize, should he choose to accept it (other than the peanut butter covered organic rice cake), is a one-way trip, all expenses paid, to the far reaches of the desert.  accommodations have a great open view but only have capacity for one–so no girlfriends.  They can go on the next trip!

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25 Responses to Squirrelus Irritatum

  1. tootlepedal says:

    That’ll be one of those flightless birds no doubt.

  2. He’s so cute though. Maybe I like squirrels when they belong to someone else? lol

  3. So did he accept your main prize as awarded?
    Come to think of it, didn’t you write something about declining some blogger prize yourself on one of your posts? Some instinct told you –maybe tells him, too– that some prizes aren’t very desirable. 🙂

    • Ah, maybe he’s getting back at me! 🙂 Actually, this little guy is rather smart. The bait is gone and the trap is not sprung. Argh. Of course, it could be the birds that got the bait. He ought not decline my wonderful offer to give him better accommodations!

  4. Madhu says:

    One of his ilk somehow manged to climb into my (brand new) powder room false ceiling and got electrocuted! Had to redo the ceiling when we finally figured out what was causing the awful stench! Don’t find them cute anymore 🙂

  5. danitacahill says:

    We have the cute bushy-tailed variety in our trees here. But I photographed a guy like yours at the beach once, of all places. They get around – deserts, shorelines.

  6. reinkat says:

    We have given up calling it a “bird feeder”. It is a Squirrel Feeder by day, Raccoon Feeder by night.

  7. ahaha, he looks healthy and active…. ^^

  8. Ah, the battle between squirrel and feeder of the birds. I could give you all manner of suggestions, but the squirrel tends to overcome all of that. The only reason we do not have a squirrel problem is our lack of full grown trees at this time. But we have a wind break planted that will only get bigger, thus will sure to be home to squirrels in the future.

    • Actually, these are ground squirrels. They don’t need trees and burrow in the ground like gophers. And they are sneaky!

      • I didn’t recognize yours as a ground squirrel with that bushy tail, ours are the striped variety, called “squinneys”. Those we do see at the bird food occasionally. We need to break out the water gun again this year.

      • Forgot about this: The squinneys will take any kind of seed and bury it elsewhere. It’s kind of funny, they forget where they plant and we have sunflowers that will come up. Later he will come and harvest that crop climbing up to the flower head. Birds will eat off those to so maybe I should let it be. :/ He’s planted safflower seeds too but we don’t have the right climate because they never get to the flower stage.

  9. He is really cute ! Looks like he has some spots on his back. I’ll adopt him !!

  10. Lindy Lee says:

    This ground squirrel can live in the desert because he’s more like a gopher than squirrels that bounce around in trees & eat cat kibble?

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