Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Video call snapshot 1 Mother's Day May 2014

These are not the best shots, but they are from my last contact with Mum.  Calling is pretty much impossible now; but with the Internet, we can at least see one another. (I was the happy wanderer who moved so far away!) These are photos taken off Skype.  There was a lot of distraction in the room, but she was obviously enjoying the company.

Video call snapshot 2

These are hard days for her since her mind and body are both failing.  But when I think of Mum, endurance is really a good term to apply.  Her love and dedication for my dad, now gone, and her kids and grandkids have never failed.  She has loved us all consistently and prayed us out of more scrapes than we probably will ever know.

Video call snapshot 3

But when I think of her even in these twilight days, I think of her enduring faith.  She has been a solid Jesus-follower for the majority of her life and will deserve the “well done good and faithful servant” when it is over.

Love you, Mama.

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Weekly Photo Challenge (for last week): Humm-anity!!

098 - Copy

Humans are cool, but humm-anity don’t come with baggage! :-)

220 - Copy

199 - Copy 083 - Copy

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: To Feel

136 - Copy

Sometimes I feel like I am working on an old memory;

the passion is real, the memory strong, but

the hunger for the now is equally strong, and

I wonder where you are in the worry and the wildness of my heart and mind.

I miss the electricity and that forever-knowing.

The insights still come, and I identify inspiration, but

it comes like a blind date, or perhaps a gift in a sealed envelope,

delivered by a voiceless stranger.

The memory would be enough to carry me home, and

duty would be enough to fuel my resolve to do right,

be right,

and press on, but

I am aching and wondering if obedience would be better served with joy than pain.

I faith You, but in these swirling, unsettled times, I feel the need to

feel that You are near.

107 - Copy

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A Creeping September Supermoon

037 - Copy

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It should be a rule . . .

403 - Copy

It should be a rule that kids should not be able to grow up and move halfway around the world, and especially not be able to take the grandkids with them.  Grandma is sad today.

600 - Copy 700 - Copy

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Busy Doing Grandma Stuff! :-)

457 - Copy

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Worm Soup

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DNA delectable,

molecules changing places,

neither wanderer nor wonder.

In a tepid, liquid dance,

remaking my lowly self—

creation in destruction.

Worm gravy,

liquid life recipe

in a transformation prison.

No going back—aiming higher.

Breaking free—the final push,

bursting my chrysalis crucible.

Perched wet,

perched dry,

hallowed in flight.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

026 - Copy 106 - Copy 235 - Copy

My adventure is in the photographing!

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War and Peace–The Sequel

003 - Copy 213 - Copy 052 - Copy 219 - Copy 057 - Copy 220 - Copy 079 - Copy

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Everybody Has a Story


… recycle

Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly:

'10 Tahoe

An observation, an opinion, an idea,

a story—everybody has one.

. . . But not every voice is heard.

Not every voice can

b  -r  -e-  a-  k—–

through the drone of drilling words—

to cut the wake, the constant flow.

Not every voice can

p   e   r  s  i st andresist

to ring through

when talked over, walked over, socked in the heart over

and over again.

Self-centered . . . no, well,


But certainly self-absorbed.

Is your story better than my story?

Is mine better than that   –>other,

that other passing silent, unheard, misunderstood

because of the steady surge of my lexicon, your hex upon

an other’s unsurpassable worth?

Not every voice can

s w e L L L

in a surge of soul

to cut the wake, the constant word wash,

when mauled over, scrawled over, quenched in the spirit over

and over again.

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