The Wait of the World

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The wait of the world when the press is strong on every side,

within, without,

and we feel guilty for complaining in the presence of so much blessing,

but the pain is constant

and a constant reminder that we are not home yet;

and so we wait under the weight—

the weight of this alienation,

this strange mix of great dark and hope-filled light,

ever looking up and on,

letting go more and more the grip on these rags and rages that wear and wear.

But we work on here,

and we hope here,

and we wait here in the world.


“There is no time for anything but getting ready to go.”

~~George MacDonald

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Acting Juvenile

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This juvenile white-crowned sparrow (oops, corrected again . . . it is a house sparrow) has not learned as yet to fear the lady with the black clicking box. :-)

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A Hummer Called Muffler

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This is one of the hummers around my feeders. I have given several of them names because of certain physical characteristics. There is Little Spike, Big Spike, Leopard, Mullet, Bano, of course; and there has been one I have called Muffler because of the odd whirring sound–different than all others. Now I understand why.

Capturing her on the roses today shows a distinct malformation of her wings. But she flies well. You just hear her coming a long way off!

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Bano Still a Poser for His Foster Mom

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

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In the fray out of focus!  Hard to track those little warriors.

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: More Infidel Than Faithful

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My theological positions catch all the loose reasoning threads,

and I am satisfied,

maybe even smug,

that I have things all figured out—life and God all figured out.

But when my pain is greater than my doctrine

and my panic stronger than my syllogisms,

I feel more infidel than faithful.

more unsettled than sure.

When the press is great and the rescue far off, help me not to fail but fall—

fall into You.

Without this falling, I will free-fall and be lost.

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To Fall Into You

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Seeds of hope, painfully buried

Under the weight of dark and

Fearsome days, where weighted whispers

Foment and

Every promised gift seems ever


In this increasing shadowy grave; but then,

Next to my weary heart and just within reach,

God breaks through with redeeming light’s

Sweet life.

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Let Us Prey


Missing my Cooper’s. They have not been around this summer.

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But a Reflection

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I see so clearly

and am sure I know what is real; cause and effect, color and touch,

all true to form, dependable to my senses.

But then shake and shimmer ripples,

the dark beneath the light rises


where I thought all was solid—

and I wonder at my surety, and I wonder where my doubt meets truth.

All the years and all the rules, all the parameters of safety,

and here there is a whirl,

and there

an unsettling.

I see so clearly; but beyond, beneath,

weighted water is fingering through, and this tangle is

where my faith meets doubt,

and innocence meets new vision

that would sometimes refresh and yet often overwhelm.

I always felt secure with safe edges, but this evanescent gathering of particles is

but a reflection of what is real beyond.

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In Sync

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Synchronized waiting

031 - Copy

Synchronized staring

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Synchronized singing

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Synchronized loving

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